Wholesale Product Spotlight – Celestial Glow in the Dark Step Stone.

Wholesale Product Spotlight – Celestial Glow in the Dark Step Stone.

March 20, 2019 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Of the many tasks that the return of Spring brings is the desire to get our outdoor living space – aka back yard – back into great shape for the upcoming warmer months. And it’s not unusual to be a little disappointed with just how bare and boring things look.

The blossoming of new flowers and shrubs helps things of course, but you can also add a big shot of color, interest and even extra functionality with our stunning Celestial Glow Dark Step Stone.

This hardy polyresin outdoor decor piece is more than just charming and whimsical to look at though. It’s actually a ‘magical’ stone that changes its ‘face’ according to the hour.

During the day it displays a bright, cheery – and very sunny – visage. However, as night falls and darkness sets in, it takes on a mystical, moonlit appearance that then lights up the rest of the night in stunning style.

As a stand alone piece, this stepping stone will be sure to draw plenty of attention while it adds a whimsical twist to any outdoor decor. Use several together to create a garden path and the effect is even more spectacular. You can even choose to mount it as a charming wall plaque instead, to liven up a boring wall or fence.

The Celestial Glow Dark Step Stone measures 10 1/2″ diameter x 1/2″ thick and is crafted from weather resistant Polyresin. As its ‘magic’ is provided by solar energy it does not need batteries or a power source either, so can be placed almost anywhere.

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