KHD Buzz – Online Retailers Seeking New eCommerce Solutions, How Big is Amazon, The History of Content Marketing and More

Report: Nearly Half of Online Retailers are Looking for a New eCommerce Platform 

For any online retailer choosing the right software platform to conduct their business on is of the utmost importance. And according to a new report from Internet Retailer, more than half of them are actively looking for a new solution. Read More

Amazon’s Share of the US Online Retail Market Up to 43% 

How big is Amazon’s mighty share of the online retail business in the US these days? According to a report from Slice Intelligence, it may be up to 43%. Read More

Super Bowl on Social Media: The Big Winners in 2017

Ad spots on TV during the Super Bowl are notoriously uber expensive, which is why even some ‘big brands’ now choose to focus on engaging football fans via social media instead. And in 2017 some of them did a truly impressive job of doing so. Read More

Infographic: The History of Content Marketing

Has the concept of content marketing really been around for long enough to have a ‘history’? According to this infographic it does, and it’s a rather interesting one too.

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