KHD Buzz – Trump Brand Backlash, Mobile Commerce in 2017, Amazon Lockers and More

February 20, 2017 0 By Koehler Home Decor

The Power of the Consumer: The Demise of the Trump Retail Brand 

Finding Ivanka Trump merchandise is getting harder and harder, and that has a lot to do with pressure on retailers from consumers who may be killing off the Trump retail line altogether. Read More

Everyone’s Online: Iconic Philly Steak Originators Open Online Store 

Is every brick and mortar retailer heading online in a big to boost business? Maybe. Want proof? Even Geno’s Steaks, the iconic Philadelphia restaurant credited with creating the original Philly Cheesesteak, is opening an online store. Read More.

Amazon Debuts Stand Alone ‘Pick Up’ Lockers 

They may not have their drone delivery service up and running quite yet but Amazon is still innovating in terms of shopping options, debuting stand alone ‘pick up’ and return lockers in several US cities and they are not the only ones. Read More.

Infographic: Mobile Commerce Trends for 2017

By now most retail business owners know that mobile is a big deal for them right now. But just how will the rise in mobile transactions affect things in 2017? This infographic makes some interesting predictions.

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