New at KHD – Elegant Wall Sconce Collection

Layered lighting is something that any interior design expert would agree is an essential part of a good home decor scheme. Wall sconces offer the ambient portion of such a setup, by they can offer an even bigger bonus; a huge shot of style that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the room.  The latest arrivals at Koehler Home Decor are perfect examples.

From the dramatic and eye-catching Propel Candle Wall Sconce and the very contemporary Spiral Candle Wall Sconce to the traditional elegance of the Ornate Candle Sconce Duo, there is something to suit every taste and every style.

Each of these sconces is crafted from the highest quality iron and glass and mount securely with ease. In addition, as they are ‘powered’ by candlelight, they can be placed almost anywhere, indoors or out, as they require no wiring or external power source, making them very economical lighting choices as well as fantastically stylish ones.

Shop the Elegant Wall Sconce Collection wholesale at Koehler Home Decor.

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