3 Alternatives to Pop Ups That Won’t Annoy Google But Will Engage Your Website Visitors

3 Alternatives to Pop Ups That Won’t Annoy Google But Will Engage Your Website Visitors

March 10, 2017 0 By Koehler Home Decor

If you follow SEO best practice news at all – and you really should – you will have heard about Google’s latest crusade; a ‘war’ on pop-ups. Directed mainly at the mobile space, Google has begun actively penalizing sites who, in their words display “intrusive interstitials” – aka pop-ups.

This has left some website owners and managers rather upset, as they have been making use of pop-ups, with some degree of success, for years. People don’t actually like them – in fact, many loathe them – but people do often take whatever action they are being prompted to because they don’t realize they have a choice. But if pop-ups are now going to get their site in trouble with the Big G, what’s the alternative?

There are in fact a number of alternatives to pop-ups out there that will not only help your site avoid a SERPs slap from Google but also do the same job as those intrusive interstitials did without being quite so annoying to your website visitors. Here is a little about three of the best of them.

Nudge Sumo

Nudge Sumo offers an interesting alternative to pop-ups that is especially useful for use alongside blog posts and articles.


What is it you ask? The best way to explain is to show you an example. In the piece pictured above, the author makes a comment about Siri. A Nudge Sumo notification then appears – discreetly – in the corner of the screen, asking the reader for their opinion. And their email address. This offers a great way to capture that all important lead information while also providing something the reader may feel is of value to them, in this case, a white paper. You can also use a Nudge Sumo box to request a share, offer a coupon related to the content and much more.

You can sign up for Nudge Sumo here.

Footer Ads

Another option for most websites is the footer ad. These ads allow visitors to consume all the content on your site and then, when they are almost finished, they will see the ad at the bottom of the page. These ‘ads’ don’t even need to be ads at all though, they can be a widget offering the same kinds of things as your old pop up used to (email newsletter signups for example) but in a far less obtrusive manner, something even Google will approve of.

Exit Pop-Ups

It’s OK to be a little confused here. We just said (several times) that pop-ups were a bad idea and yet now we are suggesting you use one? The difference is though that exit pop-ups are triggered when a user is about to leave your site. They have consumed the content they came to at this point, so Google is OK with this. This may be the most effective tactic of all for a retailer, as it’s a great chance to offer a final coupon or other shopping incentive.

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