New at KHD – Vintage Clock Decor Collection

New at KHD – Vintage Clock Decor Collection

March 22, 2017 0 By Koehler Home Decor

Even in the digital-dominated world of the 21st century, the appeal of the vintage clock is undeniable. There is, we think you’ll agree, something uniquely charming and attractive about the movement of a clock’s hands over the flicker of a digital display. And our new collection of Vintage Clock Decor pieces offers the perfect balance between the vintage appeal of yesterday with modern and useful features of today.

From the aesthetic appeal and useful function of the Vintage Desk Clock, which is available in white or black, to the whimsy of the Vintage Spectacles Tabletop Clock, a real shabby chic charmer to the elegance of the Scrollwork Table Clock and Candle Holder there really is something to suit every taste and every home decor style.

Each clock is crafted from the finest iron, paper, glass and plastic and is fully functional as a timepiece. Each one operates on a single AA battery, making them a long-lasting timepiece that does not rely on a hard to replace watch battery to continue to function.

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