KHD Buzz – WalMart Goes Online Shopping Again, Life Hacks for Facebook Ads, AI Search for Smaller Retailers and More

WalMart to Aquire Another Online Retailer 

Just a few months after acquiring would be Amazon competitor WalMart is making another big purchase, this time acquiring online indie fashion retailer ModCloth. Read More 

‘Life Hacks’ for Facebook and Twitter Ads 

If you are a fan of those ‘life hack’ type articles that seem to be everywhere right now, and you are considering boosting your social media marketing efforts with a modest paid ad campaign on Facebook or Twitter then you should enjoy this piece by Wordstream CEO Larry Kim on how to make the most of a limited ad spend on either platform. Read More

AI Comes to Smaller Online Retailers via Twiggle 

Online retail is growing in leaps and bounds, but a lot of that growth belongs to the behemoth that Amazon. Now, however, an AI based search utility, Twiggle, aims to help smaller concerns level the playing field a little more. Read More

Infographic: Why are Customers Abandoning Shopping Carts?

According to most sources, more people than ever before are shopping online. However, for many merchants, both large and small, shopping cart abandonment is still an issue, and a sometimes puzzling one at that. This infographic aims to help, by breaking down the biggest reasons why shoppers fail to complete their purchases in 2017.


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