Wholesale Product Spotlight – Mosaic Wall Sconces

Wholesale Product Spotlight – Mosaic Wall Sconces

March 29, 2017 0 By Koehler Home Decor


Wall sconces can make wonderful additions to the home that are both practical and attractive. Sconces are available in a huge array of shapes, sizes and designs. You may, however, have never seen anything quite like our collection of Mosaic Wall Sconces though, as they really are rather special and unique.

Each of the sconces is a rather chic, contemporary affair, with a sleek iron box sculpture encasing a stunningly colorful and carefully crafted mosaic. The light comes from a tealight nestled within the mosaic’s frame, casting a rainbow of colors when lit.

From the Blue and Green Accent pieces, to the Multi-Colored Waves and Confetti designs each of our Mosaic Wall Sconces make great stand alone pieces – for a small bathroom or hallway perhaps – or can be grouped together to make a striking design statement on a larger wall. They need not be reserved for indoor use either, as thanks to their durable nature and the ‘freedom from the mains’ that candlelight offers they’ed be a gorgeous addition to your outdoor living space as well.

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