KHD Buzz – Fed Ex, Aussie Shoppers, Take on Amazon, More Chatbots on the Way, F8 Launch Rumors and More

KHD Buzz – Fed Ex, Aussie Shoppers, Take on Amazon, More Chatbots on the Way, F8 Launch Rumors and More

April 3, 2017 Off By Koehler Home Decor

A New Challenger on the Way for Facebook Site Login 

Often when surfing the Internet in 2017 there are two ways to log into – or create an account – on many websites; enter an email and password (that 8 times out of 10 you’ve forgotten) or simply hit that ‘login with Facebook’ button. The feature is one that users find so useful that more and more sites – including a growing number of retailers – make use of it. Now however, a new challenger is emerging that aims to make social site login even easier. Read More 

FedEx Fulfillment Service Aims to Take On Amazon 

Affordable and efficient shipping is key for those Internet retailers who hope to survive, and thrive, in the Age of Amazon. The FedEx Fulfillment Service launched in February of this year and designed to appeal to smaller e-tailers, seems to be off to a successful start, which is good news for the businesses making use of it. Read More. 

Facebook to Launch Group Messenger Chatbots at F8 

The annual Facebook developers conference, F8, is expected to be the platform for the company to introduce a number of new innovations, including chatbots that can interact in group conversations, a possibly interesting new tool for retailers who are interested in offering improved customer service via the platform. Read More.

Will Amazon Stall in Australia?

Amazon has, so far, done a very good job of entering new international markets and then quickly dominating them. However, according to some experts, their planned launch in Australia may not go as well as they hope, because of the rather unique nature of the average Aussie shopper. Read More 

Infographic: The Psychology of Consumer Returns 

Every retailer hates dealing with returns, but they can’t avoid having to do so. This infographic delves into the issue, and offers up some rather interesting statistics as well as some sage wisdom.

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