New at KHD – Parachute Travel Camping Hammock

For many, one of the great joys of the summer is the chance to get out of the house and into ‘the wild’ to enjoy a camping and/or hiking adventure. And enjoy is the key word here, as there is no reason why a camping trip has to be without a little relaxing luxury, as our new Parachute Travel Camping Hammock demonstrates beautifully.

This lightweight yet durable hammock is crafted from tough yet attractive parachute material and offers an easy way to enjoy a little downtime almost anywhere. Making use of the sturdy rope and carabiner clip hanging system the hammock can be set up in minutes with very little effort, leaving you to enjoy its comfort for however long you’d like. Kick back, read a book, take a nap, enjoy a refreshing drink and recharge before your camping adventure continues!

The Parachute Travel Camping Hammock comes complete with its own handy travelling bag and since it weighs less than a pound (but can hold up to 350lbs) it won’t slow you down, even if you are walking, hiking or cycling. And when you get back home again, it can easily add a little relaxing functionality to your outdoor living space, something we don’t think is a bad idea at all!

Buy the Parachute Travel Camping Hammock wholesale at Koehler Home Decor.

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