Hot Home Decor Trends for Summer

July 10, 2012 0 By Koehler Home Decor

Now that summer is here isn’t it about time that you lightened up your home decor to match the easy, breezy days to come? Heavy drapes, dark colored fabrics and “cozy” accessories belong in a winter home! Here are some of the hottest decor trends that are making waves for summer┬áto give you some inspiration:

Elegant Summer Centerpieces – Whether you will be dining indoors with the windows open or outdoors on the patio or deck, if you have company over then you really should give some thought to setting the right summer ambiance. A great – and very simple – way to do this is by adding a summery centerpiece to your dining table. One idea we love is combining two summer evening staples – beautiful flowers and romantic candlelight.

A single bloom affixed to a simple pillar candle with a clear elastic band creates a stunning centerpiece in a matter of seconds. To be safest choose a wholesale flameless candle – they “burn” just as beautifully as the real thing but won’t scorch your blooms – or your table!

Let There be Light – Heavy drapes are great in winter time, but they are simply much too heavy for the summer. Pack them away and replace them with breezy, gauzy window panels instead (and you can always add a simple blind for extra privacy)

Add Summer Touches to Your Front Entrance – Lots of us spend so much time worrying about making our backyards, decks and patios great places to hang in the summer that we completely forget about the first thing that people see when they come to your home – the front entrance. The simple addition of a summer inspired wholesale wind chime or a cute wholesale welcome plaque can really make a big difference and add some warm weather charm to the exterior of your home.

Create Your Own Summer Art – Because we all have digital cameras these days all those great vacation snaps never seem to make it beyond a computer desktop or a Facebook page these and that is actually a real shame. To add a summery touch to any room in your home why not go through all of those digital files, choose some images that really remind of past summer fun and then actually have them printed (yes they still do that) and then choose a light, fun frame to display them in.

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