KHD Buzz – Voice Assistant Hijacking, eCommerce Marketing Trends, New Retail Sector Job Growth and More

Google Home Burger King Hijack Backfires 

Shopping capable voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa are becoming commonplace, so much so that Burger King launched an ad directly aimed at the Google Device and its users that amused some consumers, but not the search giant itself. Read More

Online Retail Boosts Rural Job Markets 

Online retail growth may be harming brick and mortar concerns and jobs within that sector, but it is boosting the job economies in many rural areas as the need for warehousing – and warehouse workers – increases. Read More

Walmart to Offer Extra Discounts to Online Shoppers 

Continuing to ramp up their efforts to compete with Amazon, Walmart will begin offering special online only discounts, while also adding even more incentives for shoppers to then pickup their Internet made purchases in store. Read More.

Infographic – eCommerce Marketing Best Practices for 2017 

eCommerce is changing all the time, and therefore so should eCommerce marketing tactics. This infographic gathers industry wisdom to examine some of the best practices for marketers to consider implementing in 2017.

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