KHD Buzz – eCommerce Site Mistakes, Mobile SEO Tips, the USPS’ Problem with Online Retail Growth and More

eCommerce Site Mistakes – Which Annoy Consumers Most? 

With online shopping now as commonplace as popping to the store it’s little surprise that consumers are getting pickier about the experience they have while doing so. And while every company – even the mighty Amazon – make UX and design mistakes which common faux pas annoy shopper the most? Read More

Walmart Looks to Expand Online via Acquisition.. Again 

Having purchased a general goods Amazon clone (Jet) several fashion sites (Shoebuy, Modcloth) and an outdoor goods retailer (Moosejaw) over the last 9 months Walmart is planning another online retail acquisition to help it compete with Amazon, this time aiming to draw in the male consumer. Read More

How Mobile Friendly are Your SEO Efforts?

By now any retailer knows that their website needs to be as mobile friendly as possible. But how effective are your SEO efforts at boosting your SERPS position in the increasingly important world of mobile search? Read More.

Huge Facebook Crackdown on Fake Likes – Who Lost the Most?

Facebook quietly spent the last six months trawling the platform for fake likes again, and when the crackdown came last week thousands of Facebook Pages took quite a hit. But which of them took the biggest hits and why? Read More. 

Online Retail Sales Up, More Dog Bites for Mail Carriers are the Result

According to the USPS, the rapid increase in the number of packages they have to deliver to customers from online retail outlets has helped their bottom line, but it’s also led to a rise in the number of dog vs. mail carrier confrontations. Read More

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