4 Ways Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing Can be Used Together to Boost Both

4 Ways Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing Can be Used Together to Boost Both

April 28, 2017 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Many businesses make use of both email marketing and social media marketing as components of their overall marketing plan, and rather sensibly so. Usually they are seen as totally separate entities; social media as a top-of-the-funnel engagement platform and email as the next step, taking over once leads have been generated. There are however ways to combine the two marketing practices to improve the effectiveness of both. Here are some of the best of them:




Upload Your Email List to Twitter

One rather simple way to integrate your email and social media marketing efforts is to upload your subscriber list to your Twitter account, something that will take you just a few minutes. The platform will then match those emails with Twitter profiles they are associated with, giving you the opportunity to begin following them immediately.

Even if these people do not follow your account back, keeping track of what they post is a great way to gain additional insight into your customer base and what they are drawn to on social media. This will allow you to tweak your own messages to take these preferences into account where appropriate and gain a better understanding of those random names. In a nutshell, it’s all basically free, easy customer research and who doesn’t love that?

Build Your Email List From Your Facebook Page

Have plans to offer a big discount, sale or freebie soon? In addition to sending out emails about it plan on creating a Facebook Offer as well. You can create an Offer from your Page for free, choosing to monetize only if you want to. An Offer almost always involves an email capture, so not only is it likely that the post will boost your social visibility but the size of your email list as well.

Re-Engage Your Disinterested Subscribers

Often people sign up for an email list to take advantage of a specific offer, and then, although they do not unsubscribe, and actually do sometimes open you messages, they really aren’t engaged. To attempt to prevent these people from losing interest altogether and finally hitting that unsubscribe button, you could send a message specifically highlighting your social media accounts and the suggestion that they follow you there as well. Some people – especially younger ones – simply take more notice of social media than they do email, and would prefer to get their messaging from you in that manner.

Gain User Generated Content for Your Next Email Newsletter

Hopefully your social media marketing efforts are gaining you the engagement they are supposed to, including comments, queries and even photos, reviews and testimonials. You should consider integrating some of these into your next email newsletter to get even more out of this well earned engagement. For example, did a certain post garner a great deal of interest? If so use the feedback from the post – including the ‘likes’, ‘loves’ etc it may have generated – to create a short newsletter article to add some extra interest to your next missive.

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