KHD Buzz – Retail ‘Death’ Predictions, The Retail Store of the Future, Malls Fight Back and More

KHD Buzz – Retail ‘Death’ Predictions, The Retail Store of the Future, Malls Fight Back and More

Time Makes Its Predictions for the Next Big Retail ‘Deaths’ 

Times are hard for many companies in the physical, brick and mortar retail world and it’s fair to say that even big name brands are dropping like flies right now. In examining the trend, Time magazine made their predictions for which retailers won’t make it into 2018, and some of them might surprise you. Read More

Should Retail Store Employees Earn Commission on Online Sales? 

Brick and mortar retail store employees are losing out to online retail too, seeing a drop in their commission earnings as customers buy online rather than in store. Now the employees of one major department store are demanding their cut of those sales. Read More.

Flagging Malls Have a Plan to Boost Sales –  Keep Customers Entertained 

Many malls, not just in the US either, are struggling right now, finding it hard to lure people away from their computers – and Internet based retail sites –  and into their cars to head to the mall, a once hugely popular outing for shoppers of all ages. Some mall owners however are ‘fighting back’, by offering entertainments that their online competitors will find it hard to match. Read More.

The Store of the Future? One Retailer Thinks So, and They Built It 

How can physical stores make the most of technology to lure in customers who are themselves becoming more and more dependent on gadgets and tech? One online retailer, Farfetch, thinks they know, and they built a pop up store in the UK to prove it. Check out their ideas in the Bloomberg Feature Video below.

Infographic – SEO Trends to Keep Up with in 2017 

For anyone who’s ever tried it – and that is most business owners by now – SEO is not an easy art to master, or even keep track of, as ‘best practices’ seem to change almost weekly. There are however, according to Marketing Profs, some trends in SEO that should be worth keeping in mind, and keeping an eye on, for the rest of the year. This infographic breaks them down for you:

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