KHD Buzz – Online vs Physical Retail, AI and Shopping, Email Marketing Tips for 2017 and More

How AI Will Impact Retail, According to the Experts 

According to most experts, consumers are looking for more and more personalization from their retail experience, whether they are shopping online or off. And many of them believe that artificial intelligence is the only way forward in order to satisfy them. Read More 

Why are Jeff Bezos and Amazon Still Experimenting with Brick and Mortar Retail?

If brick and mortar retail is dying, as so many are predicting, why is the world’s number one online retailer still considering getting into the physical world of retail in a big way? Read More.

Why Do 55% of Consumers Window Shop ‘Instore’ Before Buying Online? 

According to a new report from Retail Dive around 55% of US consumers will head to a physical store to window shop a purchase before ultimately purchasing it online. What is driving this behavior though and how does it affect retailers in general? Read More

Why Even the Tech Savvy Fell for the Google Docs Worm 

The huge phishing scam that involved fake Google Docs affected both individuals and businesses. But anyone who got caught out should not feel so bad, as according to cyber security experts it was sophisticated enough to fool even the very tech savvy. Read More

Infographic – Email Marketing and Rich Media 

Email marketing can still be a very effective marketing tool for retail businesses, but only if consumers can actually be persuaded to open your messages and engage with them. Rich media – or visual marketing – may be the way to do just that, at least according to this infographic.

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