Wholesale Product Spotlight – Decorative Mirror Collection

Wholesale Product Spotlight – Decorative Mirror Collection

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? If you shop the mirror collection at Koehler Home Decor the answer just might be your home decor.

A mirror is one of those wonderful decor items that serves both practical and aesthetic purposes. In addition to reflecting your lovliness a well-designed mirror can be used in any room to add light, fool the eye into believing a small space is bigger, add an extra shot of color and style and much more.

Our collection of decorative mirrors offers something for everyone. Fans of vintage, shabby chic style should love our courageous Distressed White Mirrors, with their elegant, time worn finishes that make them a perfect choice for a beautiful bedroom or to add a perfect decorative touch to a powder room. For those who like a contemporary shot of color, the Opulent Distressed Yellow Wall Mirror or Stylish Distressed Orange Wall Mirror may be more to their taste. And for a rather regal touch, in a hallway perhaps, what could be better than our Silver or Gold Royal Crown Mirrors? 

Each of these mirrors is generously sized and crafted from finest glass and MDF wood, finished to be long wearing and durable. With so many to choose from it would be possible to add a whole new look to every room in your home this season, just making use of a hammer, nails and a magnificent new mirror.

Shop the decorative mirror collection wholesale at Koehler Home Decor.

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