Wholesale Product Spotlight – Solar Garden Wall Lanterns

Wholesale Product Spotlight – Solar Garden Wall Lanterns

The days are getting warmer, the evenings are getting longer and summer really is on the way. That means that across the country patios and decks are being prepped for a summer of fun in the sun and gardens are being beautified so that their owners can enjoy them – alone or with company – in the warm months to come.

Outdoor living and outdoor decor is more important than ever before to many of us, and the cornerstone of any decor scheme is its lighting, just as is the case indoors. Outdoor lighting can be expensive to install and expensive to run though, but that is not the case if you invest in one – or more – of our elegant Solar Garden Wall Lanterns.

Modern solar lighting is as bright and beautiful as its electric counterpart, and these lanterns are stunning sophisticated in appearance as well. Crafted from an attractive black metal and glass, these clever lights soak up the power of sunlight all day long so that they can illuminate your outdoor spaces beautifully at night. The Solar Garden Wall Lantern is also simple to mount and install and can be placed almost anywhere, as you are not bound by wiring or the need to be close to a conventional electric power.





Each Solar Garden Lantern measures a generous 10″ x 7″ x 16 1/2″ high and is powered by a single, long-lasting solar cell battery. It would look stunning as a standalone piece – lighting up the area surrounding a front or back door perhaps – or used as a part of a larger set up that can be used to softly illuminate your whole outdoor living space.

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