KHD Buzz – Twitter Chatbots, Amazon Takes NYC, Free Shipping Wars Commence and More

Twitter Gets on the Bot Bandwagon with Direct Message Cards


Twitter is getting in on the chat bot trend, offering businesses the ability to create and utilize some rather innovative new customer service features. Read More.

E-commerce SEO is Going AI

AI – Artificial Intelligence – is hot right now, and so it only really makes sense that it is coming to the world of SEO in the form of a software that uses machine learning designed to boost e-commerce websites’ SEO campaigns and their SERPS rankings. Read More 

Free Shipping Wars: Amazon vs. Walmart vs. Target

Free shipping is always a draw for online shoppers and has been a part of Amazon’s huge success for sure. In a bid to compete online with the retail giant, Target and Walmart are spearheading what is shaping up to be an all out shipping war. Read More

A Look at Amazon’s First Real NYC Bookstore

Amazon’s first brick and mortar bookstore in the publishing mecca that is New York City opened its doors at their new Columbus Circle location last week and the initial buzz has been pretty positive. Read More 

Infographic: Using Product Videos to Boost Sales

On the fence about taking the time – and spending the money – to add product video creation to your marketing plans? This infographic breaks down why doing so might be a great move for a retail business right now.







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