SMM Basics: The Best Video Sizes for Social Media in 2017

SMM Basics: The Best Video Sizes for Social Media in 2017

June 30, 2017 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Video on social media is hotter than ever right now, but it’s only effective as a marketing tool if you go about a video based SMM campaign in just the right way. Done right, a short, simple video can be a fantastic piece of content not only for your social media campaigns but for your content marketing in general.

The one thing that many people do not realize though is that a shared YouTube video is no longer the best way to distribute your video via social media. Each social network has its own nuances and specifications—especially when it comes to video. Like a still image, if a video is not in the right format, or sized in such a way that suits the specific platform it is being posted to it may appear blurry, awkwardly cropped or may not even play at all.

Most people are now relatively good at choosing the right image types and sizes for social media, but when it comes to a video they are far less educated.

To help clue you in, we created this short – but handy – cheat sheet for the four most commonly used social media platforms where a great video post can have a big impact:

No matter how you create your video there are plenty of tools out there that can help you convert it, numerous times if needed, so it can be posted to meet the differing requirements of various platforms and yet still play as perfectly as possible across them all. Freemake Video Converter, Any Video Converter Free, HD Video Converter Factory and Handbrake are all great choices if you are looking for a tool that gets the job done well but does not require a huge investment in software or come along with a steep learning curve.

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