New at KHD – Stars LED Bottle Light

July 12, 2017 0 By Koehler Home Decor

Summer evenings can be rather special, no matter how you choose to spend them. From dining outdoors with friends and family to sipping on a favorite beverage and simply soaking in the scenery, once dusk falls even the smallest back garden, porch or patio can provide a fabulous escape from the day. And of you add our Stars LED Botle Light into the mix then things become even more magical.

This stunning light appears, during the day, to simply be an empty blue glass wine bottle. Once darkness arrives and it is switched on, however, a twinkle of LED stars light it up, and they are no ordinary stars but twinkling, shimmering 3D stars.

The Stars LED Bottle Light makes a perfect addition to any outdoor dining table, porch, patio, deck or windowsill. Standing 3″ x 3″ x 12″ it’s perfectly sized, and as it comes complete with a cork and a hanging loop it can be hung almost anywhere. It is stunning as a stand-alone piece and truly breath-taking as a part of a group of the same item. It would even make an unusual, but sure to be appreciated any occasion gift.

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