KHD Buzz – Amazon’s New Workforce, Big Name Retail Store Closings, Reddit Goes to the Video and More

More Big Name Brick and Mortar Retail Stores to Close 

There is more bad news for the brick and mortar retail sector as a number of big names announced mass store closings last week, including Ann Taylor, Gymboree and Lane Bryant. Read More

Amazon to Open Robot Staffed Warehouse 

As it continues to grow, retail giant Amazon continues to open new warehouse and distribution centers across the world. A new one is coming to Miami in 2018, but this one will be almost completely staffed by robots. Read More 

Reddit to Introduce Video Ads 

Reddit has been quietly growing as a content marketing platform for some time now, but with an announcement that it intends to begin offering video ads the company is starting to get serious about competing for its share of SMM ad dollars. Read More

Report: The Best – And Worst – Headlines for Facebook Posts

What are the kinds of headlines that are currently grabbing all the attention, and which don’t really work? BuzzSumo set out to find out, and the charts below reflect their final findings:



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