Wholesale Product Spotlight – Geometric Fire Pit

Wholesale Product Spotlight – Geometric Fire Pit

July 19, 2017 0 By Koehler Home Decor

Ever wished that you did not have to put away the patio furniture as soon as the leaves begin to fall? Or that your outdoor get-togethers were just a little bit more interesting? Even that you could enjoy the fun of a campfire right in your own backyard? A fire pit can fulfill all of these wishes and many more. The Geometric Fire Pit offered at Koehler Home Decor is the perfect starter, whether you want to simply add warmth and charm to your outdoor space or up your outdoor cookery skills and branch out from a barbecue grill into the delicious world of firepit cookery.

The Geometric Fire Pit is a safe to use, wood or charcoal burning firepit that is as practical as it is attractive. Crafted from durable and fire safe iron it is vented to allow the heat to escape while safely containing stray embers, and a mesh lid helps keep things under control as well. Generously sized, the Geometric Fire Pit can burn up to 33 lbs. of wood or your favorite charcoal at a time.

This fabulous firepit is styled to suit almost any outdoor decor scheme and is designed to be durable enough to last for years, no matter how many Smores you make or fireside gatherings you stage.

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