KHD Buzz – Amazon’s Acquisition Woes, Target’s Latest Controversial Gamble and More

More Kids College = Great Back to School Season for Retailers 

According to the National Center for Education college enrollment for the September 2017 semester is up, and apart from being good news for education in the US in general, financial analysts say it should also make for a great back to school shopping season for retailers catering to college students. Read More 

Amazon Getting into Meal Kits and the Subscription Box Biz 

Having recently (controversially) purchased Whole Foods outright it should come as little surprise that the retailer is already getting into the hipster box subscription craze by debuting the first of a new range of ‘Amazon Meal Kits’. Read More

Retail Workers Union Attempting to Block Whole Foods Sale 

Speaking of Amazon’s acquisition of the Whole Foods chain, one of the largest retail workers’ unions,  the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, is heading to court to attempt to block the finalization of the merger, claiming it is bad for America’s workers. Read More

Target to Launch Gender Neutral Clothing Line 

Having weathered the storm of controversy they created by offering gender neutral bathrooms in their stores last year Target is set to break controversial boundaries again, by launching a line of gender neutral kids clothing. Read More

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