KHD Buzz – eCommerce and the Future of Retail Jobs, High Tech in the High Street and More

KHD Buzz – eCommerce and the Future of Retail Jobs, High Tech in the High Street and More

July 31, 2017 0 By Koehler Home Decor

New Subway Innovations to Bring Major High Tech to Fast Food 

Tech innovations are becoming increasingly important to every retailer, and that includes fast food joints as well. And while McDonald’s and Wendy’s are experimenting with a few self-serve boards, the world largest fast food chain, Subway, is going to be taking in store tech to a whole new level, with in-store mobile ordering, Apple Pay integration and more. Read More 

Top Analyst: eCommerce Will Create More Jobs than it Kills 

The rise of online retail over brick and mortar shopping has many worried that the livelihood of the human retail worker is in danger. But according to one noted Washington economist that is far from the case, and he believes eCommerce will create more jobs as it grows, not fewer. Read More 

Why are Subscription Box Services Booming? 

Right now it seems like consumers can buy a subscription box service for almost everything, from socks to groceries, fashion to pet supplies and comic books. And as even more retailers get into the subscription box business one retail expert took a look at exactly why these services have become so popular. Read More 

Infographic: The Importance of a Welcome Email 

Does your company send a welcome email when a new subscriber signs up to your email list? If not you may really be missing out, and this infographic demonstrates.

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