Handy Checklist to Ensure the Success of Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

Handy Checklist to Ensure the Success of Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

August 18, 2017 Off By Koehler Home Decor

email marketing Most retail businesses do send out email newsletters and updates on a fairly regular basis throughout the year. Those who do not should, as, when done right email is still one of the most effective and affordable marketing tools available to businesses of any size.

When the buildup to the big winter holiday shopping season begins however – which is right about now – retailers tend to plan on ramping up their email marketing efforts to catch those holiday shopping dollars. Before you do, take a few minutes to review your current strategies and planned campaigns to make sure that you are not just creating email messages but that you are creating email messages that convert. And to help you in that particular task we’ve come up with a basic, but rather useful checklist:

Subject Lines

  • Is your subject line really engaging? There’s a lot of competition in inboxes at holiday shopping time so all of your subject lines really need to shine.
  • Is it personalized? Almost every email provider offers you the option to make use of the data you have on your email lists – name, location etc. – to personalize greetings and more, and as personalized email has much higher open rates than generic messages if you are not already using these options it’s time to start.
  • Is the subject line the optimal length for the various browsers and devices it will be displayed on? Most email providers will give you guidance here as well, so take note of their suggestions.
  • Did you spell and grammar check your subject line? Little errors can become truly glaring ones when displayed in bold in recipients’ inboxes.

Preheader Text

If you email template offers you the chance to use preheader text you should do so, but keep it brief and make sure it adds to, not distracts from, the content that will follow.


  • Is the template you are making use of consistent with your brand as well as the current message?
  • Are you sure that the email will be mobile friendly?
  • Are images displaying clearly?
  • Do images have the right alt text, for those readers whose email client autoblocks them?
  • Have you checked spelling and grammar in all of the written content in the body of the email?
  • Have you checked that any and all included links are working and pointed in the right direction?
  • Have you considered making use of alternatives to static images like videos and/or GIFs to add extra interest to your message?
  • Have you included a clear call to action?


  • Is all of the legal verbiage you need present? Although almost all email providers add this in automatically it is based on the information you have previously provided, so check that all of that is correct and up to date.
  • Have you included clear links to all of your social media accounts?

Performing these simple checks will only take an extra few minutes, so however busy you are don’t skip them, the success of your next email marketing campaign may depend on them.



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