Video Marketing, Cheap, Effective and Made for Retailers

By now most retail business owners have heard that getting into video marketing provides companies with a relatively cheap and effective way to boost the power of their overall marketing strategy. Some tend to become stuck when trying to actually produce the content that they need to engage viewers, effectively market their business and increase…

By Koehler Home Decor November 26, 2012 Off

KHD Buzz – Bing Releases First Ever Webmaster Guidelines

Bing has published its first set of webmaster guidelines, offering website owners general guidance on best practices related to SEO for Bing’s search engine. They’re accessible in the Help section of Bing’s Webmaster Tools as a new entry under the “Content Guidelines” section. The direct link is Read more  Koehler Home Decor is a supplier…

By Koehler Home Decor November 23, 2012 Off

Simple Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Almost immediately after you have packed the last of the Halloween decorations away it is already time to start thinking about decorating for another holiday that’s one of the biggies, Thanksgiving. Fewer people put up a lot of Thanksgiving decorations than they do for Halloween or Christmas but everyone does at least want to set a…

By Koehler Home Decor November 19, 2012 Off
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