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Seasonal Sales and Your Business

Seasonal sales and how the seasons impact your business can be something that is difficult to predict. However with a little research and forward planning you can do a far better job of managing seasonal sales to help boost your businesses bottom line all year long. Understanding Seasonal Sales Trends The first basic step to…

By Koehler Home Decor July 30, 2012 0

Using Social Media to Drive Traffic and Sales

In today’s business world, everyone is talking about social media. Successful social media marketing increases traffic to your website which translates into increased sales. It’s just a matter of getting the attention you deserve. Understanding search engine optimization (SEO) techniques may be very important, but getting your website to be passed around on social media…

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Web Marketing on a Budget

If you are hoping to profit by servicing the vast sea of consumers who do all or most of their shopping online, learning about web marketing is a very important step. All small businesses try to find as many ways as possible to limit their expenses while maximizing income and profit. Feature great wholesale gifts…

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