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KHD Buzz – The Big BK Hack, Google’s Retail Ambitions, A New Look for Yahoo! and More

Best Reactions to The Burger King Twitter Hack – and Lessons to Be Learned  The hacking of Burger King’s Twitter account last week (by someone who was obviously a big McDonald’s fan) should have taught any business with a social media presence some very big lessons. Protect your passwords was a big one, but also to monitor what is…

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KHD Buzz – The End of Saturday Mail, Taco Bell and Vine, Google Ups Spam Detection for Goggle + Reviews and More

How Will the End of Saturday USPS Service Affect Retailers?  It is now official – as of August 2013 the United States Postal Service will no longer deliver mail on a Saturday. But what will the change mean for retailers who rely on the mail not only to deliver goods but also direct mail that promotes their…

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KHD Buzz – Facebook Announces Graph Search, Vets Cover Photos, Tablet Searches Soar and More

Mark Zuckerburg Announces Facebook Graph search No one quite knew why Mark Zuckerburg invited the press to meet with him on Tuesday but they quickly found out. No, he was not launching a rumored Facebook phone but was instead announcing Facebook Graph Search, a new way to search for almost anything within what FB calls…

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KHD Buzz – Bing Releases First Ever Webmaster Guidelines

Bing has published its first set of webmaster guidelines, offering website owners general guidance on best practices related to SEO for Bing’s search engine. They’re accessible in the Help section of Bing’s Webmaster Tools as a new entry under the “Content Guidelines” section. The direct link is Read more  Koehler Home Decor is a supplier…

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