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KHD Buzz – Facebook’s Bot Store, The Odd Reason Why Online Retail Sales Soar on Fridays, FB Reactions for WordPress and More

Facebook to Open Messenger Bot Store to All?  Facebook has already said they plan to launch a lot of new innovations at their F8 Conference on April 12 and 13, 2016, some of which are specifically designed for social media marketers. And most industry experts predict this will include the Messenger Bot Store that some feel…

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KHD Buzz – Facebook Goes Down Again, Google Confuses, Hootsuite Improves and More

Google Authorship is Dead – Author Rank is Not Google confirmed that their three year experiment with the Google Authorship feature is over. However, Author Rank will still matter when it comes to the SERPS. Confused? So was everyone else until Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan explained it all for us. Read More Hootsuite to…

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KHD Buzz – Bing Gets Nasty, Faking Your Way to Internet Fame, eBay Feedback Lawsuit and More

Bing Seems to be Making Some Very Inappropriate Suggestions Just as their string of ads have been suggesting, one writer decided to do a side-by-side Bing/Google search comparison. What he found was that Bing, as well as Facebook Search, which is tied to the Microsoft offering, is more than a little bit inappropriate if you begin using…

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