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KHD Buzz – Kim Kardashian and False Advertising, Mobilegeddon’s Surprising Big Winners, Bing Makes More Changes and More

Beware of False Advertising in Social Media – Lessons Learned from Kim Kardashian  All too often even businesses think that social media is a platform where they can, well, get away with a lot more than in more traditional advertising mediums. Celebrity self promoter Kim Kardashian found out that is not the case when none…

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KHD Buzz – Twitter Growth Sputters, Bing SEO Guru Fired, Instagram Video Ads and More

Users Dislike Twitter Changes, Growth Stalls Again Despite getting a boost from the fact that the Queen of England sent her first personal tweet last week recent changes seem to be driving other users away, worrying the company’s investors once more. Read More  Duane Forrester, Bing SEO Guru, Fired During Microsoft Layoffs  Duane Forrester has…

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KHD Buzz – Record U.S Smartphone Use, Marisa Mayer’s Jail Fears and More

U.S Smartphone Penetration Reaches Record High  If it seems like everyone you know owns a smartphone, your impression may be because a new survey is reporting that U.S smartphone penetration has now reached a rather eye opening 64%. Read More Marisa Mayer and Mark Zuckerberg Talk about the NSA Speaking at a Techcrunch Disrupt session last week…

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KHD Buzz – Bing Gets Nasty, Faking Your Way to Internet Fame, eBay Feedback Lawsuit and More

Bing Seems to be Making Some Very Inappropriate Suggestions Just as their string of ads have been suggesting, one writer decided to do a side-by-side Bing/Google search comparison. What he found was that Bing, as well as Facebook Search, which is tied to the Microsoft offering, is more than a little bit inappropriate if you begin using…

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KHD Buzz – The End of Saturday Mail, Taco Bell and Vine, Google Ups Spam Detection for Goggle + Reviews and More

How Will the End of Saturday USPS Service Affect Retailers?  It is now official – as of August 2013 the United States Postal Service will no longer deliver mail on a Saturday. But what will the change mean for retailers who rely on the mail not only to deliver goods but also direct mail that promotes their…

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KHD Buzz – Bing Releases First Ever Webmaster Guidelines

Bing has published its first set of webmaster guidelines, offering website owners general guidance on best practices related to SEO for Bing’s search engine. They’re accessible in the Help section of Bing’s Webmaster Tools as a new entry under the “Content Guidelines” section. The direct link is www.bing.com/webmaster/help/webmaster-guidelines-30fba23a. Read more  Koehler Home Decor is a supplier…

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