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KHD Buzz – Location, Location, Location, What Can Really Save Facebook, Amazon vs. Alibaba and More

Locating Customers on the Go – The Future of OmniChannel Explored  As more and more retailers determine that their best hopes for survival lie in omnichannel operations retailers are refocusing their attention on that old adage “location, location, location”. But they mean their customers’ locations, not their own. Read More Will Ad Free Subscriptions Save Facebook? …

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KHD Buzz – Facebook Growth, Fashion Designers on Mobile Apps, Goldfish Consumers and More

No Slowdowns After All: Facebook’s Reach is Still Growing Whether or not they are offering the same organic boosts to Pages as they once did one thing seems to be undeniable about Facebook; their reach is still growing, despite speculation to the contrary. Read More  Top Designers Say Mobile Retailers are Changing the Fashion Industry…

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